Types Of French Manicure

What is your favorite type of French manicure? Unfortunately, there are so many variations, making it hard to decide on just one! This blog post will look at some of the most popular types of French manicures and how to achieve them. So whether you are looking for a traditional nude nail or something more flashy and fun, we have covered you.

Varieties of French manicure

There are endless possibilities when it comes to French nail designs. You can keep it simple with a classic white tip or get creative with different colors and patterns. Depending on the depth of the masters fantasies and the design features, there are several varieties of French manicures. The most popular are:

Classic french manicure

Of course, where without the classics! French is famous for the fact that it always helps out when nails need to be given a beautiful and well-groomed look to make the design simple but at the same time harmonious and unique. To design a jacket for short nails, you should only remember that the stripes along the edge should be as thin and even as possible, preferably white or milky. Otherwise, there is a risk that the nails will seem even shorter, and the intended design will not acquire its beauty. The classic lies in the strict observance of the color scheme - the surface of the nail is exclusively transparent or transparent pink, and the edge is white.
french nail designs

Color French manicure

Lovers of experiments with gel polish colors over time managed to dispel stereotypes about the French classic. The most non-standard and unique colors have replaced gentle light tones. The classic jacket is now rarely seen in the form in which you initially visualized it. A colored, shiny French manicure can now be seen in every second girl when the entire edge is covered not with white varnish but with sparkles. Such a coating is more suitable for some evening events, where there are no dress codes, and the shellac color does not matter.

Lunar French

The moon jacket appeared quite recently, but in such a short time, photos with designs scattered across the Internet, making many fashionistas fall in love with this type of French manicure. The essence of the "moon" jacket is the duplication of the arch of the nail at its base. That is, two edges are obtained on the nail - one from below, the second from above, but a little thicker. With a classic moon jacket, these two arcs have the same color, but, as we have already seen, now no one adheres to the strict canons of the classics, so the range of shellac colors is very diverse. By the way, masters often "play" with the holes themselves. So it happens that they replace the natural semicircular shape with a square or rhombus. It looks peculiar but quite exciting and unique. The winning color combinations of the moon jacket are white with pink, red with black, and silver with gold.

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